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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Morzine, France

Traditional Chinese Medicine considers all signs from the body, our life experiences and our emotions as indicators of balance or imbalance within us. Be it a rash on the skin, unexplained pain, or a psychological state, these are just the consequences of an internal imbalance.
Three thousand years of observing health and ill health has given us a structured approach to understanding why these imbalances occur, and a focussed method to resolve them.

How Chinese Medicine Can Help You

The principle of Chinese Medicine, is to help re-balance the energy (Qi) flow of the body, so it can better deal with whatever is creating a problem for someone. Throughout my career I have been able to help people with many conditions including:

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Muscle & Joint Pain

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Hormonal & Fertility Issues

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Sleep, Stress & Fatigue

Digestive Issues

Skin Problems

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Kim Underhill

Lic Ac. OMBAcC Membre de la FNMTC

After 10 years working as a Deep Tissue Massage Therapist, I longed to further my career, so began a 4 year Chinese Medicine Course to obtain a Bsc (Hons) at The International College of Oriental Medicine in the UK (ICOM). This world renowned college specialises in teaching the Stems and Branches method of acupuncture taken from the original Classics, and includes the more widely taught methods of 5 Element Acupuncture and  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

After qualifying in 2003, I was invited to work within the college clinic and was asked to join their teaching staff, adding a further year at Brighton University to gain a PG Cert. in Higher Education. I remained working and teaching at the college for 6 years, eventually joining the Managerial staff as Director of Studies, before leaving to concentrate on becoming an accomplished practitioner.

My aim is to offer gentle, safe and caring treatments to adults and children, to help with whatever is troubling the Body, Mind or Spirit.  Whether a condition is new or old, we look at it together to try to get to the root cause. Everyone is different and therefore all treatments are very individual to each situation and can be given alongside other forms of formal medical care.

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What you can expect

What Happens During a Treatment?

Initially we discuss why you’ve come, and of course any past issues which may be useful for me to know.  I may look at specific signs on your body and your tongue, and will feel your pulse on both wrists which all help me decide what will work best for you. This is shared with you at all times and hopefully you will come to enjoy being cared for as an individual!

Where is the Clinic?

The groundfloor treatment room is within the  Morzine Chiropractic Clinic near the town centre, in a spacious, well equipped and private room. There is parking directly infront of the building.

Arrange a Treatment


If you would like to arrange a treatment with Kim, select the appropriate option below and follow the instructions to the booking page. If you would prefer to make your appointment over the phone, or to discuss any questions you may have, please call 06 37 96 52 00.

In exceptional cases it may be possible to offer a home visit.

You may be able to receive some reimbursement with your mutuelle.

Initial review of issues and creation of a detailed case history.
First Treatment
1 hr
Book this session after you have had your initial treatment.
Following Treatments
45 min
Initial review of issues and creation of a detailed case history.
First Treatment (Under 18Yrs)
1 hr
Book this session after you have had your initial treatment.
Following Treatments (Under 18Yrs)
45 min
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